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Introducing “Restoring The Soul,” a remarkable fine art matte paper reproduction by renowned outback artist Jenny Greentree. This stunning piece transports you to the heart of the Australian outback, where nature’s power and beauty converge.

“Restoring The Soul” encapsulates the awe-inspiring events of December 2023 when the Darling River, Australia’s longest river, experienced a monumental flood. The landscape transformed into an inland sea, with only isolated patches of ‘higher ground’ spared from the deluge. Roads vanished beneath the rising waters, forcing people to rely on boats and aircraft for transportation, while some were sustained by the heroic efforts of the SES.

Jenny Greentree’s exceptional talent comes to life in this artwork as she skillfully employs pastels to capture this breathtaking scene from an aerial perspective. Her ability to convey the vastness and grandeur of the mighty Darling River flood is truly remarkable.

“Restoring The Soul” is not merely a reproduction; it’s a testament to the resilience and beauty of the Australian outback, a masterpiece that will bring wonder and appreciation into your living space. Experience the majesty of this natural event through Jenny Greentree’s artistic lens and make it a part of your art collection today.

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