The Darling Celebrates
The Darling Celebrates
The Darling Celebrates
The Darling Celebrates

The Darling Celebrates


Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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Artist Statement

It looks like a party on the river as the floodwaters of the Darling are illuminated by sunset light and colour.

I think it’s time for a celebration. In the wake of covid, drought, fires and mice plagues, I hope we can joyfully move on like the river. She has put her harsh, dry time of struggles behind her for now. Perhaps she is a sign of healing, restoration and rejoicing for us too.

NB. In the weeks since I painted The Darling Celebrates, the east coast of Australia suffered devastating floods.  While my heart breaks for the tragedy the people are enduring, I am struck by the opposite experiences and emotions the word ‘flood’ evokes in people.  Out back, along the Darling River, a flood brings life, hope, joy and restoration.  Closer inland and along the coast, a flood brings death, grief, loss and disaster.

In further contemplation, I’ve considered how people can be polarized, adamant, and intolerant to the views of others. Our opinions and passions are born out of our life experiences, our limited knowledge, our beliefs and our particular worldview.  Sometimes both can be right. ‘Flood’ is an example. For some of us it is all things wonderful, for others, it is all things tragic. Both are right.

Therefore, in a thoughtful and philosophical way, and out of heartfelt consideration of those who have suffered, I’d like to think The Darling Celebrates could encourage us all to be gracious, kind and respectful of those with different opinions.

Jenny Greentree – March 2022


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