The Mighty Darling
The Mighty Darling
The Mighty Darling
The Mighty Darling

The Mighty Darling


Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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Artist Statement

This spectacular scene on the Darling River was captured on a beautiful evening as light, cloud and colour combined over the floodwaters.

It is a wonderful experience to see the Darling River in flood. This outback river rises gradually over 6 weeks, fed by rains falling in over 10 tributaries upstream.

What a picture of abundance and splendour as the strong, tranquil flow brings life to all who dwell on, in or near the river.

This is a visual promise of recovery, healing and replenishment.  How wonderful that nature has given us this assurance at a time when this area and the world at large need refreshment, restoration and hope.

Let the river overcome your anxiety and nourish your soul. Look at her power, fullness and goodness. Nothing can stop her conquering spirit. No wonder she is affectionately called “The Mighty Darling”.

Jenny Greentree  –  April 2022


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