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Artist Statement

This intriguing 3 panelled artwork ‘When the Darling Flows’ represents our district from a satellite perspective.  The artwork depicts the Darling River in flood. The paintings cover over 500km of river and incorporate 5 rivers of Western NSW. The Warrego joins in the first panel. The Culgoa and Bogan join in the third panel with the Darling changing its name to the Barwon at the Culgoa junction.

Initially, the viewer is impacted by the beautiful colours, patterns and flowing lines of the artwork. One then becomes fascinated by the subject matter. I have been meticulously accurate in the detail of every bend and the surrounding landscape.  Landmarks, waterways, land usage and the town of Bourke can be found by the discerning eye. Can you find where you are or where you have been? It is a unique experience to place yourself in this vast landscape as seen from 5km above.

‘When the Darling Flows’ was created on fine linen using mixed media, a combination of ink, clear painting medium and soils of the district.

Jenny Greentree  –  April 2022


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