The Darling's Journey_Jenny Greentree Art
The Darling's Journey_Jenny Greentree Art
The Darling's Journey

The Darling’s Journey


Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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How can I express the wonder, beauty, strength, endurance, blessing and despair of the mighty Darling River? Living on her banks now for 12 years, she is a part of my heart and soul. I’ve seen her extremes, from a dried up series of puddles, to a huge force of water spreading 50km wide in parts.

“The Darling’s Journey” showcases her timeless dominance in the outback landscape. The grand old lady winds through 1500km of NSW outback and her stories are fascinating. She flourishes and overcomes hardships. She is rich in Australian history and aboriginal heritage. As she crosses the state from North to South, she is a gift to people, wildlife and vegetation.

Bends in the river navigate the track through all the obstacles in her course. However, even though they are formed out of difficulty, the bends add beauty, intrigue, interest, a hiding place, a unique, familiar point of reference for her inhabitants to find their way and know where they are. The bends help others to stay on track, understand and therefore feel safe. They say life is a series of twists and turns. Let this river encourage you to keep going, work your way through, forge on and create your beautiful picture.

Why are there so many bends in the river? Geologically, the land slopes slightly downward as you head south, but water doesn’t run in a straight line to its destination. Life is not a straight line. There is no easy way that is simple or obvious and all our challenges require thought, re-evaluation and adjustments in our course as we work out a way to proceed on our journey. Each bend is a story of something negotiated and overcome as the river moves forward with faith, integrity and dignity. We can learn, be inspired and encouraged at the ingenuity, creativity and triumph of every bend. And that’s why the Darling is a conqueror and a healer. Allow the Spirit of this river feed your soul today and you will be blessed.

This is the narrative of the Darling. Many of us are a part of her story. Have you experienced the Darling River? Come and share her journey.

Jenny Greentree – March 2021

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