Rose Isle Station – Canvas



Printed on 430gsm Premium Cotton Poly Canvas
Size including frame – 32.5cm x 42.5cm

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This creative, unique mixed media artwork is inspired by satellite images of my district. The colours, patterns and shapes are very beautiful and incredibly interesting. The line is the Darling River. I have collected different shades of grey floodplain and red soil and used them directly to colour the artworks. The texture is wonderful.

 “Rose Isle Station” captures your heart and imagination.  The Darling River dominates with its winding path through the landscape. It is interesting to observe the anabranches and billabongs, but don’t miss the junction of the Darling and Warrego rivers in the top right side.

There are sections of the Darling where the country doesn’t flood because the banks are higher.  This is where red dirt meets the river.  This sight is spectacular to see from the air, and spectacular to see from the ground.  The Darling has wonderful surprises on every bend.

People have inhabited this country for thousands of years.  More recently it has been developed as pastoral stations. You don’t realise the life and industry that’s happening down there. In later years, Rose Isle station has become a popular station stay.  Can you see the picturesque green lawns for visitors to set up camp in a piece of paradise?

I hope this intriguing artwork touches your soul with the narrative of the Darling River landscape and the real soil, the soul, of the landscape.

Jenny Greentree – March 2021

Printed on 430gsm Premium Cotton Poly Canvas for mounting

Size including frame – 32.5cm x 42.5cm

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