Towards Gundabooka



Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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Experience “Towards Gundabooka”, a captivating fine art matte paper reproduction by renowned outback artist Jenny Greentree. This masterpiece artfully captures the vast expanse of western NSW’s red plains. Your gaze will be drawn along the meandering lines of the river, eventually resting on the distant Gundabooka Mountain that graces the horizon. This artwork offers a unique perspective, evoking awe, wonder, and surprise reminiscent of aerial views.

Jenny’s inspiration extended beyond the aesthetic ruggedness of the landscape. Moved by the spiritual connection to the land, she delved into the Aboriginal heritage of the area, particularly that of the Ngemba and Kurnu-Barkindji people who traditionally inhabited this land. The artist’s careful consultation with elders and descendants of survivors has given this piece a deeper narrative. Through subtle incorporation of the totems—a sand goanna track for Ngemba and a protective wedge-tailed eagle for Kurnu-Barkindji—Jenny honors the cultural significance of the land.

This piece of outback art adds a touch of authenticity and heritage to your home or office space. Let the vibrant colors and meticulous detail spark conversations about Australia’s rich Aboriginal legacy. The fine art matte paper reproduction portrays the outback’s extraordinary images with fresh, crisp lines and skillful manipulation of colors and tones.

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