The Outback Shines
The Outback Shines
The Outback Shines

The Outback Shines


Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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“The Outback Shines” is a warm and beautiful artwork with a wow factor.  It is part of the “Hope on the Horizon” series responding to the continuing severe drought affecting NSW in 2019.  Experiencing the suffering and despair of the landscape, its people, the animals and the drying Darling River, I wanted to create a space that prompted both thoughtful consideration of visitors to the exhibition, but also encouraged and gave hope to those who were drought affected.

“The Outback Shines” reminds the viewer that there is always a new opportunity, each new day is a fresh start,  no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves in we are still surrounded by beauty and, like the kangaroos and emus in the artwork, our daily needs are still met.  The artwork evokes feelings of thankfulness and hope. Don’t miss the minor detail of a water trough in the background.  It is a personal acknowledgement of the artist to a lady grazier friend.  Without complaint she honestly shared her hardships, and I was struck by her strength, courage, resilience and positive attitude. Without her realising, our conversation convinced me to paint this exhibition.

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