The Darling Floodplain – Extra Large Canvas



350gsm IJPPro Edition Canvas

Stretched Canvas Size – 75.2cm x 100cm

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This creative, unique mixed media artwork is inspired by satellite images of my district. The colours, patterns and shapes are very beautiful and incredibly interesting. The line is the Darling River. I have collected different shades of grey floodplain and red soil and used them directly to colour the artworks. The texture is wonderful.

I love the subtle, soft, natural colours of the Floodplain. This river can extend 50km across when in flood, and the grey soil is deposited during a flood. There is less contrast in this landscape then the spectacular scenes where it contrasts against the red.  Perhaps the river is reminding us that it is healthy to have quieter, gentler times in our life.  We don’t need stimulation and drama all the time.  I find it easy to rest and have peace in this artwork.

I hope this intriguing artwork touches your soul with the narrative of the Darling River landscape and the real soil, the soul, of the landscape.

Jenny Greentree – March 2021

Printed on 350gsm IJPPro Edition Canvas

Stretched Canvas Size – 75.2cm x 100cm

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