Relentless Dust - Gallery Acrylic

Relentless Dust – Gallery Acrylic


Size 1000mm x 698mm

Floating Acrylic

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Relentless Dust

Size 1000mm x 698mm

Floating Acrylic

“Relentless Dust” is a dramatic visual recording of the dreadful dust storms endured by folks in western NSW during the 2017-2020 drought. It is a powerful and impacting work that tells a story.  Apart from the emotion stirred while anticipating the ominous, looming, billowing dust, the viewer can also see that these extreme events have been happening regularly.  Sand piled up against the fence, a gate that can no longer be opened and a track that hasn’t been driven on, are all evidence of frequency of the dust storms. The audience is moved to respond with awe and respect at the depth of character of the people who live in these areas.

However, the artist intended to draw a deeper response to the viewer.  We know the people of the west not only endured, but when the times of trial pass, they overcome with renewed strength.

Everyone endures different degrees of hardship.  As we face our battles, the Aussie spirit is displayed in courage, strength and generosity. With hardship comes blessings, and we can be assured of transformation and change. In this artwork, the landscape tells many individual, inspiring stories.


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