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Original Mixed Media Artwork on Fine Linen
Size including frame 51cm x 63cm

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As part of the “Strength of Stories” Collection, “Parakeelya Moon” is an expression of strength, resilience and beauty. Surviving and thriving in the outback, wildflowers are the perfect subject to paint because they are an encouraging testimony to overcoming harsh conditions and emerging with strength and beauty.

However, the “Strength of Stories” Collection is not just about wildflowers. I decided to use text in the artworks, to remind us of the people who have also survived and thrived in the same landscape. In the text, the viewer catches glimpses of outback life. The text gives insight into the spirit of the people who, like the wildflowers, are strong, adaptable, insightful and have an inner beauty that inspires and cares for others.

“Parakeelya Moon” is a gentle, peaceful display of colour and design. It features the Parakeelya
wildflower and its almost luminous hot pink flowers. Seeing fields of Parakeelya in bloom is a delight to experience. Since they grow in red, sandy soil, I’ve featured them on the colours of the outback earth and textured them with real red soil to provide a real and tactile connection to the subject matter. The flowers seem to be dancing as a beautiful full moon rises through the pinks and mauves of the evening sky.

My hope is that “Parakeelya Moon” will delight and intrigue you as you take time to hear and consider its story of strength, resilience and beauty.

Jenny Greentree – March, 2024

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