Framed original pastel artwork by Jenny Greentree
Size including frame 23cm x 28cm

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Introducing “Gidgee” – a mesmerizing original artwork by renowned outback artist, Jenny Greentree.

“Gidgee” captures the essence of the Australian outback in its purest form. Jenny’s mastery of color and texture brings to life the rugged beauty of the iconic gidgee tree, set against a backdrop of the vast, untouched wilderness. The rich earthy tones and intricate detailing in this piece evoke a sense of tranquility, inviting you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the outback.

This unique artwork is a testament to Jenny Greentree’s deep connection with the land and her ability to translate its raw, untamed allure. “Gidgee” is not just a painting; it’s a window to the heart of the Australian outback, a piece of art that will infuse your space with the spirit of the wild.

Make “Gidgee” a centerpiece in your collection and experience the outback’s timeless beauty in your own home. Order now and own a piece of Australia’s rugged soul.

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– Top quality Australian made and owned original art

– Painted by leading Australian artist, Jenny Greentree

– Quality pastels and Colourfix pastel paper used

– Framed by Back O’ Bourke Gallery

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