Bourke: A Vision Splendid
Bourke: A Vision Splendid
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Bourke: A Vision Splendid


Printed on 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

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Bourke: A Vision Splendid
Printed on 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

Bourke is an iconic Australian outback town, and home to Jenny Greentree, one of Australia’s foremost established outback artists.  When Jen was commissioned by the Bourke Shire Council to paint a scene that typified the area, she wanted to show its diversity, uniqueness and rugged beauty.  The commissioning was at a time when the town and many in the district were suffering from the hardships of the 2001-2007 drought.  Jen chose to represent Bourke in the colours of the rainbow, not only to express the wonderfully inspiring landscape, but also to encourage the people of Bourke about the hope of their future.

The seven panels that make the pastel artwork each represent different aspects of the Bourke Shire and are connected by one horizon line. Elements of each panel run into the next. They are named as follows:

•             Sunset Over Red Gidgee Plains

•             Orange Dust Storm

•             Yellow Morning Sun Through Coolibah Country

•             Shades Of Green On The Darling River

•             Blue Distance From Mt. Oxley to Mt. Gundabooka

•             Indigo Storm Approaching Black Soil Plains

•             Violet Evening Sky Over The North Bourke Bridge


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