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Abandoned in the Outback


Size unframed 38cm x 71cm

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“Abandoned in the Outback”

Size unframed 38cm x 71cm 

Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

Abandoned buildings and vehicles are common in outback scenes, a sign of hopes and dreams dashed by the severity of the outback.  However, there is always life when you look close enough.  The galahs have found a perch in the dead tree and flowers are growing in the shelter of the rusty car body.  Inspired by the rugged beauty and amazing scenes Jen experiences on a daily basis, she painted the ‘Moods and Colours of Bourke’ series between 2003 -2006.  ‘Abandoned in the Outback’ is one of those 10 pastel artworks.


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