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March/April 2021

In this video I give you a sneak peek at my latest Easter exhibition, “A Different Perspective”.

December 2020

In this video I share with you my special Christmas message as well as the exciting new release of Back O' Bourke Gallery gift cards now available to purchase and use online or in store. Perfect for those who are hard to buy a gift for, the gift cards have arrived just in time for Christmas and any last minute Christmas shopping you may have.

November 2020

This year we have enjoyed a spectacular wildflower display here in Western NSW. Join me as I share with you the highlights of the wildflower season and the joy they bring.

August 2020

Introducing my new drink coasters that feature my "Wildflowers Out West" artwork. The drink coasters are now available both in store and online arriving just in time for spring and the wildflowers this season brings. Join me as I share with you the story behind this exciting new product range.

May 2020

Here's a sneak peek into the exciting new project happening at the Macquarie Marshes. Continue with me on my journey and see the regeneration and new life taking place after the bushfire in November 2019. Join me as I show you this exclusive view on the progress of the project.

7th May 2020

I am checking in with you to see how you are going in the current Covid 19 situation. I also have some exciting news about an upcoming project at the Macquarie Marshes.

17th November 2019

Darling River flow update - The significant rain event 2 weeks ago resulted in the Darling River flowing downstream of Brewarrina. With no more rain this flow is about to stop flowing over the Bourke weir. Even though the flow will stop, it has topped-up Bourke's water supply for the summer with a fresh weirpool giving us a brighter outlook for the summer. This flow made it to Tilpa today. This means that downstream of Bourke the flow will slowly cease over the next 2 weeks or so leaving a wet river and full weir pools all the way to Tilpa with the flow most likely not being able to reach Wilcannia.

13th November 2019

Macquarie Marshes in central western NSW. Footage is shown from the 15th November, 2018 during an environmental flow and the 10th November 2019, 3 weeks after a lightning strike fire took place during the harsh drought.

8th November 2019

The Darling River behind the Back O' Bourke Gallery at North Bourke. Video taken 4/11/19 with river comparison footage from 1/5/19.