Parakeelya Vase


Handmade by Kayla Amos

Limited edition of 60

Size – 9.3cm wide x 11.7cm high

Mid-fire clay, glaze, ceramic stain, manganese oxide

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Kayla Amos, “Parakeelya Vase” with purple inside

Limited edition of 60

Size – 9.3cm wide x 11.7cm high

Mid-fire clay, glaze, ceramic stain, manganese oxide

*Due to the handmade nature of the product, some small variations may exist than the photographed item. The artist believes these should be embraced and celebrated as they evidence the hand of the artist and add to the uniqueness and originality of each piece.

Artist Statement

My ceramic practice as an artist stems from a combination of my lived experiences as well as the landscape of Bourke which has always been a great source of inspiration for me.

This particular series is based on an area between Bourke and Enngonia known as Lednapper. If we receive rain at the right time of year, this area is renowned for its beautiful display of native wildflowers.

However, this pocket of natural wonder sits in a harsh environment that goes through tough dry periods and commonly encounters engulfing bushfires. People often go out to visit when the flowers are blooming, and things are looking good. In those moments it can be easy to get caught up in the beauty and forget everything else that has happened. Yet, what is special to me is what these plants had to endure that lead to that moment of beauty in flower, blooming again. Almost like the thing that came close to breaking them, was the thing that led to their beauty.

If you have been to Lednapper and get out and walk around for a while, after getting caught up in the flowers you may begin to notice some old burnt-out branches scattered throughout. These remnants stand as evidence of the battles gone through.

To me these flowers blooming again is a reminder of hope and an encouragement that in whatever you may have or will go through you too can bloom again. They stand as a testament of hard times but also the resilience to bounce back, to bloom again. Let these flowers be a gentle reminder not to give up when things are tough. There is a beauty that can only be born out of adversity and hard times.

There still can be beauty, there still can be joy and hope for a better tomorrow.

 – Kayla Amos March 2021


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