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Lifeblood of the West – medium framed


Size including frame – 68cm x 45cm

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Size – 68cm x 45cm


Printed on archival 320gsm Fine Art Watercolour Paper

Description – If you’re looking for something featuring red, orange or yellow, then this artwork could be just what you’re looking for. “Lifeblood of the West” is a warm, bright and happy artwork. It captures the delight, celebration and hope igniting communities in western NSW as water returned to the Darling River.

The artwork features a sunset over the river making wonderful reflections in the water. It also features the historic North Bourke Bridge. I have been meticulous with accuracy and detail in the bridge. Don’t miss the black cockatoos and egret representing the new life that has been ignited along the river.


All Australians love our magnificent  inland rivers. My hope is that you could enjoy the beauty of being on the banks of the Darling and that in this artwork, you could also will feel the same excitement and jubilation that river communities experienced as the water made its way downstream.


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