"Hope on the Horizon"

 A poem written, illustrated and narrated
by Jenny Greentree

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“Hope on the Horizon”

Love gently whispered to me, in its familiar quiet voice,

“There’ll be a paradox of life out back, but you’ll always have a choice.

There’s harshness, pain and suffering that seem too much to bear,

But along with hope and goodness, I always will be there.”


So I’ve watched in awe and wonder, as the outback bloomed and prospered,

And in it’s seasons of abundance, passion for this land was fostered.

Then the harshness of a drought drew life from people and the land,

The animals and the river suffered cruelly at it’s hand.


Again I saw in awe and wonder, the resilience and the grace,

The courage and the strength that are the Spirit of this place.

Those with long heritage of country, those who’ve come in recent days

All grow and bloom in these extremes, in life’s richest, deepest ways.


Suffering forges character, stamina and strength,

You see it in the landscape,  it’s people and a fence.

From death comes resurrection, renewal and new life,

An unexpected reason for your suffering and strife.


Love, it never changes, despite the circumstance.

It remains your faithful, truest friend - come join Love’s graceful dance.

It brings peace that reassures, in the evening at last light,

It brings joy in fleeting moments, a huge orange moon at night.


Love dances over barren ground, it’s been happening for years,

Then gently from the scorched, dry earth, a wildflower appears.

Eagles soar and feed their young, they have a home at night.

Provision and protection are Love’s absolute delight.


A sunset steals into my soul – a cool breeze lifts my heart,

Wild creatures of the outback, all have played their part,

To teach me true thanksgiving, to be content that I am blessed,

To seize the fleeting moment – to be still, and take a rest.


I’ve gained a deeper wisdom, as I faced the helplessness of drought.

The longing for the rain, the dreaded fear and doubt.

Letting go of things I can’t control, grows patience and humility.

It’s what the birds do every day, and they have all they need.


Hope is on the horizon, blessings come with each new morn,

Beauty still surrounds us, strength and character are born.

It is a gift for those with eyes to see and ears that are aware,

Can you hear Love’s quiet whisper?  “I always will be there.”


Copyright - Jenny Greentree – March 2019